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Excursions and tourist attractionsin Lengerich and Westphalia

A stay at our comfortable hotel and restaurant in Lengerich offers countless possibilites to explore the region of Tecklenburger Land in Westphalia. Learn more about the different tourist attractions and excursions on this page.


Many hiking trails are waiting to be discovered. The following routes can be reached from our hotel:

  • Hermannstrail
  • Jakobstrail
  • Tecklenburger Land Circular Trail
  • Töddentrail
  • Westphalian-Peace-Trail 1648
  • Circular Trail Dyckerhoff-Steinbruch Lengerich

At our hotel we can provide you with maps of Lengerich or Westphalia.


Close to our hotel you can find different places for sport activities:

  • Indoor pool (800 meters)
  • Tennis court (500 meters)
  • Golf course (4 kilometers)

You can find further information about other activities here:

Tecklenburger Land – Hotel in Lengerich - Events

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Events and excursions

Explore the Tecklenburger Land by bike


There are many bike paths with interesting destinations all over Westphalia. At our hotel in Lengerich we offer wheel adjustment and a luggage shuttle service. 

You can also rent up to 4 E-Bikes for 10 €.

Visit castles, palaces and manors in Tecklenburger Land.

Very close to our guest house you can find the castles Tecklenburg and Bad Iburg.

You can find further information about excursions and tourist attractions here:


Tecklenburger Land.

Take the Teutoexpress!


Traktormuseum Westerkappeln

Visit the Traktormuseum Westerkappeln and find out more about the development of the tractor.

Balloon tour

Take the balloon and discover the region of Tecklenburger Land and Teutoburger Wald from above.

Theme park

Visit the theme park of Ibbenbüren, the alpine slide and fairy tale forest

Open air festival

Visit the open air festival of Tecklenburg

Open air festival
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